machine d'injection de mousse de polyuréthane d'isolation de basse pression d'unité centrale pour des chaussures et des sièges d'unité centrale

Machine à mousse PU basse pression pour porte à roulement

Description du produit


The machine consisted of electrical control system,mixing head,chemical tanks,metering pumps,frequency converter,control and adjust system of temperature,rotate speed and pressure,cleaning system,air push system and base frame etc.


*Adopt rotary valve type three-cylinder,prevent blocking of casting hole and cleaning hole.Isochronous operation of casting and mixing ensure the quality of product.
*Adopt high precision metering and frequency converter,variable frequency speed regulation,stable operation,easy to use.
*Adopt microcomputer controller to set and adjust data of casting,clean and air push works.Display and adjust data of temperature,pressure from data display instruments,temperature error ≤2℃.

3.Main parameters


ModèleOutput(KG/MIN)Volume of tank(L)Power(KW)Appearance(mm)
1PU20D-Y11.5-4120~160~220 (Optional)91500*1160*2060










Used to produce flexible high resilience,slow rebound,integral skin and rigid foam.

Such as cushions of sofa,motorcycle,bike and auto,armrest,imitation wood furniture,steering wheel and some insulation board etc.

Flow Chart

Emballage et expédition

1.Export standard plywood cases for better care when transport;

2.Ocean shipping, air transportation or land transportation for choices.

Nos services

1.Free to visit, introduce, do Selection Guide;

2. Free to visit home clients to know in-service condition of machine;

3. Test and adapt whole setting data here as according clients’demands;

4. Send experienced engineers to guide installation, operation, debugging and maintain;

5. Rich supporting suppliers of molds, chemical and others for reference.


1. Application field: Manufacture various PU foam mattress, cushion, acoustic insulating material, backrest, sofa, memory pillow, PU foam tires, self skinning foam arm rest, integral skin foam bumper and toys etc;

2. Chemical material: polyol and isocyanate;

3. Components and capacities: 2 or 3 even more components, 87-435g/s, 160-800g/s, 375-1875g/s, 750-3750g/soutput etc;

4. Temperature types: Normal temperature;

5. Multicolor products manufacture: additional color paste adding systems selectable.

Détails rapides

Type de traitement: Machine écumante
Condition: Nouveau
Type de produit: Filet de mousse
Lieu d'origine: Chine (continentale)
Nom de marque: EMM
Tension: 380V
Power(W): 30KW
Weight: 1200kg
Certification: CE
Garantie: un an
Service après-vente fourni: Ingénieurs disponibles pour entretenir des machines à l'étranger
Name: PU Foam machine
Product Name: PU Foam machine
Type:Low Pressure PU Foam Machine
Automatic: Auto Foam Machine
Raw material: POLY and ISO
Control System: PLC+Touch Screen
Caractéristique: Haute efficacité
Item: PU20D
Application:PU Panel;fire room ect.
Special: High Efficiency Foam Machine